Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tutorial: Easy / Simple Make Up for Beginner

Posted by Keiagasshi at 9:29 PM 16 comments
Hello friends,
Happy Sunday ^^.

Last Tuesday I've been invited by my friend for her son 1st b'day celebration.
I think this culture become common at indonesia lately.
last month my bestie invited me for her daughter 1st b'day celebration.

I was hold the b'day girl, she is my friend daughter (half indonesian, half ecuadorian)
But today, we're not going to talk about a b'day party.
Today I want to show you how I did simple make up for occasion.
No need fancy brush, no need 10 colour of different eyeshadow.

So this is the look that I did when I attend my friend son b'day party.

For the step on how to do this, you can check out my video below:

I wish you all a blessed sunday.
See you again at wednesday :)



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