Sunday, January 25, 2015

FOTD 17/01/2015 : Monotone Eyeshadow

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Hello all... 

I try to post more than one entry per week but since I really busy in workday so I have no chance to open my blog daily.
(that's also the reason why I always late replying comment (>.<)).
Aku berusaha untuk post lebih dari satu entry setiap minggunya tapi karena aku sangat sibuk di hari kerja makanya aku ga punya kesempatan buat buka blog setiap hari.
(itu juga alasannya kenapa aku selalu telat balas komen).

Anyway, this is a very simple look that can be done in 10 minutes (except if you decided to contour your face first).
Anyway, ini simple look yang bisa di selesaikan dalam waktu 10 menit (kecuali kamu mau contour wajahmu dulu ya).

And this is my eye make up for this look:
Dan ini eye make up ku dari dekat:

To be honest I'm not satisfied with my eye make up.
because I overly using my mascara and it's clumsy!
Sejujurnya aku ga puas sama eye make up ku.
Ini aku pake mascara nya over jadinya clumsy!

And now as the title said FOTD so here is the picture spam (>.<).
Dan karena judulnya FOTD so ini picture spam (>.<).

I know my hair look super ugly.
I think I kinda look like have a lion hair in these picture...hahaha...
and obviously I need to dyed my hair again soon.
Aku tau rambutku keliatan jelek banget.
Rasanya sih rambutku kayak singa di foto-foto ini...hahaha...
dan sejujurnya aku mestinya sih harus cat rambut lagi.

So that's it for today....

see you again in my next entry



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What's in my bag?

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Hello everyone....
I was read ate rica blog post about what's in her bag here.
I think it's interesting and decide to do mine.

so here we go:

This is my daily bag from Elle.
And to be honest I didn't use designer bag because I can't afford it (>_<).

Inside my bag I have:
1. Make up pouch.
2. Bag organizer that become my purse too.
3. Pencil case.
4. Comb (I know it's look like old granny comb but I dont know why I really love it..haha..).
3. Earphone.
4. Hand fan (Indonesia is super hot, need it when I have to stuck in a room without AC).
5. Handphone (I use it to take this picture).
6. Charger.

And this is what inside my make up pouch :
1. Elianto natural mineral powder.
2. ZA powder (I need its mirror but not use this powder daily).
3. Skinfood black bean eyebrow pencil.
4. Etude Draw me eyebrow pencil.
5. Revlon lipstick on mauve it over.
5. PAC lipstick on ripe apple.
6. The Bodyshop born lippie lipbalm
7. Etude Dear my essence 
8. Lembert lens drop.

I know I got lots of lips product in my pouch but to be honest I rarely touch up my make up.
well if I want to be really honest then I have to say that I'm pretty much not use make up on daily basis.
I'll use make up if I know I need to go out from office.
But my make up will only consist of powder, eyebrow pencil, lipstick.

I dont think if out there any other beauty blogger that not wearing make up in daily basis like me XP.

I'll use proper make up when I have to attend event or party.
Sometimes when I hang out with my friend I'll use proper make up too.

Anyway I really enjoy this tag.
And I hope you all enjoy to read my post too.

If any of you do this tag too, let me know about it.
I would love to read it.

Last, I want to tag all of you that read this post to do this tag ^^.

That's all for now.



Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tips: Blotting Lipstick

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Hello everyone...
Wew...time flies so fast and it's sunday again today :).
Halo semuanya....
wew...waktu berlalu sangat cepat dan ini hari minggu lagi :)

Today I want to share a tips on how I blot my lipstick.
As we all know blotting lipstick could make your lipstick last longer in your lips.
Hari ini aku mau share tips cara aku blot lipstick.
Seperti yang kita tahu blotting lipstick bisa bikin lipstick lebih tahan lama di bibir.

Okay, lets we see what we need to blotting lipstick:
Okay, mari kita lihat apa yang kita butuhkan untuk blotting lipstick.

1. Powder : I use my ZA powder
2. Lipstick : I use my NYX black label lipstick on raisin (that matte lipstick should be on my review post but I dont know why I put it away in that pic..hahaha...)
3. Lipbalm : I use my Bodyshop lipbalm
4. Tissue.

And this is step by step on my way to blot my lipstick:
Dan ini step by step caraku blot lipstick:

1. Lipbalm
I put a lipbalm in my lips and blot it at tissue.
1. Lipbalm
Pakai lipbalm lalu blot di atas tissue.

2. Lipstick
I applied lipstick on my lips straight from the tube (you also can use brush toapply your lipstick for more precise application).
2. Lipstick
Aku pakai lipstik langsung dari tubenya (kalian bisa pakai brush kalo mau lebih precise).

3. Blot with tissue and put a powder
3. Blot pakai tissue dan sapukan powder di atas tissue. 

4. Tada....this is the result.
4. Tada...Ini hasilnya.

If you want, you can layer it with a coat of lipstick again and your lipstick will be much more last longer :).
Kalau kamu mau, kamu bisa layer lagi pakai lipstick dan lipstick mu bakalan lebih awet.

And this is how it's look in my face :D.
Dan ini hasilnya di wajahku :D.

One of the reason why I love red lipstick is it makes my face looks brighter.
I use no make up at all at that picture, no powder, no eyebrow, nothing than a lipstick.
but I think I still look pretty good xp.
Salah satu alasan kenapa aku suka lipstick merah adalah karena lipstick merah ngebuat mukaku kelihatan lebih cerah.
Aku sama sekali ga pakai make up untuk foto di atas, tapi masih keliatan lumayan kan xp.

So, okay this is tips for the day.
If you all have any other way to blot your lipstick let me know about it.
sharing is caring ma...
So, okay ini tips untuk hari ini.
Kalo kalian punya cara lain untuk blot lipstick kasih tau ya.
sharing is caring...
Have a wonderful day lovely.


Monday, January 12, 2015

DIY Facial at Home (Weekly Routine)

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Hello everyone... 
How are you all?
When I write this (11/01/15) I feel a lil bit unwell, got cough...

Anyway today I'm going to share about my weekly routine.
I didn't have complicated routine nor using expensive product :).
I do use local and international brand, but today I use 95% local product as I want to do traditional facial today :).

 So here's the product that I used today (I forgot take picture for my scrub and mask).

1. Cleanser : Sariayu Pembersih Refreshing Aromatic Mawar
2. Scrub : Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari (even it have peeling name but actually this is a scrub).
3. Mask : Mustika Ratu Tomato Mask.
4. Facial Foam : Clean & Clear Essential Foaming Facial Wash.
5. Toner : Viva Face Tonic Bengkoang.
6. Serum : Biokos Botu Like

Okay now we move into step to step to do DIY facial (you can use any other product that suitable on your skin, not have to use the exact same product like me).

1. Clean

If you use make up then you need to remove your make up first.
I didn't wear any make up so I just clean my face and neck using facial cleanser.
After that I wash my face with clean water and pat it dry using towel.

2. Exfoliate.

In this step you can choose either using peeling or scrub to exfoliate your dead skin.
what the different of peeling and scrub? I'll explain it later in separate entry :)

And as I said before I want to be traditional this time so I use traditional scrub.

hahaha, I know it's look very ugly when I apply this scrub in my face but trust me after I wash it with lukewarm water, my skin become very smooth and soft :D.

3. Steam

You could use face steamer or if you dont have it you can use towel with warm water.
Soak your towel on hot water then press it into your face and repeat it 2 or 3 times.

*I skip this part today..hehe..*

4. Mask

I use wash off mask today but you can use sheet mask if you want to save time.

5. Double Cleanse + Toner (optional)

Actually you can just wash your face with water after using mask but I prefer to clean it up once again so after wash it with clean water I use facial foam to clean up residue from my mask.

After it I'll pat my face using towel and put a toner on cotton ball and gently pat it into my face.

6. Moisturizing

I will end up my routine by put serum into my clean face and neck.
You can just go with your favorite moisturizer if you didn't use serum.

But since I love this serum so I use this serum instead of moisturizer


This is my face after DIY Facial at home.
My skin is much more softer and smooth after doing this treatment ^^.

Anyway, How about you all?
Do you also have weekly treatment for your skin?

Please share if you do, I would like to read it.

Ps: No bahasa translation again sorry (>.<).
I'll try my best for next entry.



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review: Sariayu Pembersih Refreshing Aromatic Mawar

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Hello all... 
Happy Sunday ^^. 

For this week I'm going to talk about one of skin care product that I recently use, Sariayu Pembersih Refreshing Aromatic Mawar or shortly it's a milk cleanser.
Minggu ini aku mau bahas mengenai salah satu produk skin care yang akhir-akhir ini aku pakai yaitu Sariayu Pembersih Refreshing Aromatic Mawar.

To be honest I didn't clean my face use milk cleanser daily.
Because in daily term, I don't even use make up :).
So clean it with facial foam is enough for me.
Sejujurnya aku ga membersihkan wajahku menggunakan milk cleanser setiap hari.
Karena sehari-hari aku bahkan tidak menggunakan make up :).
Jadi membersihkannya menggunakan facial foam sudah cukup bagiku.

Sariayu is local product and I'm not sure if they sell this product in other country or not.
Sariayu adalah produk lokal dan aku ga yakin kalau mereka menjual produk ini di negara lain atau tidak.

So, from sariayu web they describe this product as:
Jadi dari web sariayu mereka mendeskripsikan produk ini sebagai berikut:

Enriched with peppermint oil and Rose extract
to remove the dirt and make-up leftover from face.
Maintaining the skin moisture and tighten the skin pores..

Diperkaya dengan peppermint oil dan ekstrak bunga mawar,
membersihkan kotoran dan make up pada wajah.
Merawat kekencangan kulit dan menghaluskan kulit.

And below is ingredients of this product.
Dan di bawah ini adalah komposisi dari produk ini.

This product consistency is like a lotion.
And for me, I feel if it's kinda watery.
Produk ini konsistensinya seperti lotion *ya iya lah, namanya juga milk cleanser xp*.
dan menurutku produk ini watery.

From the description on web it's say that it can be used as make up remover.
So I make a lil bit test on its claim.
Dari deskripsi di web di katakan kalau ini dapat di gunakan untuk menghapus make up.
Jadi aku buat sedikit test untuk itu.

Left to right:
Tony Moly gel liner black, Maybelline mascara, Pac Lipstick.

And that's the result when I tried to remove it lightly using this product and cotton pad.
Dan ini adalah hasilnya saat aku coba untuk menghapusnya dengan lembut menggunakan kapas.

This one is the result after I rub it few times.
Lipstick gone but can not remove eyeliner and mascara (there's a visible black stain in my hand).
Yang ini adalah hasil setelah aku menggosoknya beberapa kali.
Lipstik hilang tapi tidak bisa menghapus eyeliner dan maskara (masih ada black stain yang ketara di tanganku).

However, even if it's cant remove make up but I still use it to remove dirt from my face.
Also I like the smell, it's refreshing ^^.
Bagaimanapun, meski tidak dapat menghapus make up namun aku masih menggunakannya untuk menghapus kotorang di wajahku (kotoran dari debu, keringat, dll).
dan juga aku suka wanginya ^^.

ok, lets move into conclution:
dan ini kesimpulannya:

- Smell good
- Not oily
- Wanginya enak
- Tidak berminyak

- Not work as a make up remover.
- Tidak dapat di gunakan untuk meghapus make up.


I personally won't recommend this if you looking for a make up remover product.
But if you are not wearing heavy make up, you can consider this product as your daily cleanser.
Secara pribadi aku tidak akan merekomendasikan ini kalau kamu mencari make up remover.
Tapi kalo kamu tidak menggunakan make up yang berat, kamu bisa pake produk ini sebagai pembersih muka sehari-hari.

And that's all for today.
I'll back again with new entry next sunday :).
Dan itu aja buat hari ini.
Aku bakal balik lagi dengan entry yang baru minggu depan.

ps: hope so not busy so I can make more than 1 entry for next week ^^.
ps: semoga ga sibuk jadi bisa buat lebih dari 1 entri buat minggu depan ^^.



Saturday, January 3, 2015

Review: Make Over Liquid lip Color Red Temptation

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Hi All..
Belated Happy New Year....

Many tragedy happen at 2014.
Hope 2015 will be a blessed year for all of us.

Anyway, let's move into my review:



Product info from make over website  :

From zero to breathtaking in seconds by applying this soft, moisturizing and long lasting liquid lip color. Its unique brush applicator ensures easy application every time sexy and succulent lips is needed.
Available in 13 colors : #Bronze Addict #Glam Diva #Briliant Caramel #Grape Rose #Flare Pink #Fructis Peach #Luscious Pink #Pink Punch #Kissable Peach #Hazelnut #Drop-dead Pink # Red Temptation #Machiato


- Squalane
- Vit E
- UV Protection

So this product have 13 color but I will only review the Red Temptation because it's the only one that I have ^^.

To be honest, I love red lipstick.
I just need a simple make up and red lipstick to get an fresh look in second.

And this make over liquid lip color in red temptation is one of my favorite red lipstick.
It have a nice and clean packaging, clear square bottle with black cap.

This lip liquid applicator is look like usuall lipgloss aplicator.

and here is the swatch:

This liquid lip colour may looks bold red but once applied at lips it will just be a nice red color.
I like that this product give me a glossy look yet still can cover my dark lips well.
But this product is a lil bit sticky for me.

So here's my conclution:

- Nice red color
- Glossy but not over glossy
- covering dark color in lips


okay, so this my second entry this week.
hope so can publish 2 entry again next week ^^.

Ps: Sorry no bahasa indonesia translation.
very busy when I write this one (>.<).



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