Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tutorial: Easy / Simple Make Up for Beginner

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Hello friends,
Happy Sunday ^^.

Last Tuesday I've been invited by my friend for her son 1st b'day celebration.
I think this culture become common at indonesia lately.
last month my bestie invited me for her daughter 1st b'day celebration.

I was hold the b'day girl, she is my friend daughter (half indonesian, half ecuadorian)
But today, we're not going to talk about a b'day party.
Today I want to show you how I did simple make up for occasion.
No need fancy brush, no need 10 colour of different eyeshadow.

So this is the look that I did when I attend my friend son b'day party.

For the step on how to do this, you can check out my video below:

I wish you all a blessed sunday.
See you again at wednesday :)


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Review: Jill Beauty Lip Matte (2 old shades + 3 new shades)

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Hello Friends....
How are you today?

Surabaya is getting hotter day by day.
Buat yang puasa, selamat berpuasa ya :).
Sorry baru bisa ngucapin sekarang karena blogpost yang hari minggu itu aku buat autopublish.

Ok, so today I will reviewing a local brand lip matte / lip cream from Jill Beauty.

For disclaimer, I bought this with my own money so I just bought shades that I think will work in my skin tone.

First of all, lets find out what Jill beauty said about their product:

Lip Cream dengan hasil matte yang bersifat tahan lama di bibir, mengandung moisturizer yang dapat melembabkan bibir, serta dilengkapi UV Protection dan Anti Oxidant.

Basically they said if their lipstick contains moisturizer that will make your lips moist.
It is kinda weird actually because they market this lipstick as Matte Lipstick, which we know matte lipstick most likely wont make our lips moist.

Jill beauty lip matte have 10 shades:


First 5 shades are their old collection and the other 5 are new released shades.


I only have 5 shades, including 2 old shades and 3 new shades.

Texture wise each colour have slightly different texture.
Matte cocoa and Violet daisy are more creamy and mousy.
Brownies velvet is thinner in consistency and you need to layer it before you can get opaque colour.
Hot apple is the most stricky one and in my opinion it is a lil bit patchy too.

What I really like from this lip cream is they didn't dry out our lips.
But of course not moisturizing our lips either.
Just very comfortable to wear without any sticky or heavy feeling.

The only bad side from this lip cream, it is not transfer proof.
so when you eating, it will fade fast.


I'm really sorry for today review I don't have lips swatch.
I had bad lips day at the day when I take a picture and making video for this entry.
Since I make video first, my lips is give up in the end.
That's why I'm not able to take a picture swatch for this entry.

If you want to see lip swatch you can see it in my youtube video below:

For overall review:

- Cheap, only Rp 65K
- Easy to get (lazada, berrybenka, or Jill beauty online store)
- Not make lips dry

- Non transfer proof

Will I buy it again:
Maybe, if they make new shades and I think suitable for my skintone.

3.5 / 5

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tutorial: Neutral Make Up Look

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Hello Friends...
Happy Sunday for everyone :).

Today I will post a Tutorial :Neutral Make Up Look.

Actually my skin is in a very bad condition now.
 I got major breakout because I use product that not suitable for me.
But anyway, bear it with me to finish this tutorial video.

 I Apologize that the audio doesn't good, I can't really hear my voice either.
This is my first time making a tutorial video and I was very shy (>.<)

To be honest blogging is a lot more easy than making video.
I rarely edit my picture so usually I didn't need a long time in term for editing.
But making video needs a lot of editing (T_T).

My reason to make video for tutorial is I think you all can see it better how I did my make up by video than picture.

For my wednesday review, I will still writing here normally and post picture.

Last, This is my Neutral Make Up Look Tutorial.
If you have youtube channel we can subscribe each other too :).

Have a nice day.



Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review: Vienna Men Peel Off Mask Mud | Ginkgo Biloba

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Hello Friends...

Wew...Time goes on so fast...
It's wednesday today....
And wednesday means a product review day ^^.

Last week I already said if I will post 2 entry every week, wednesday for review and sunday for tutorial.
I just trying to be more committed in writing now :D.

So today I'll reviewing a mask product from Vienna:
Vienna Men Peel Off Mask Mud | Ginkgo Biloba

I'm trying to browse about this company but I can't find their official website so I can't write anything about their claim of this product.
Perhaps you can read their claim at their packaging (which I already rip off part of it).

From the packaging this product remind me to their other product Vienna Peel Off Mask Purifying Black Mud.
I think this one is male version from the Purifying Black Mud Mask.

I was bought this one because this the only black mud mask that I found at lotte mart rack.
And I just want to try what the different of this one with their female version that I was already tried.

Texture wise, I can say that this one has exactly same texture with the female version.
It has black thick liquid texture that you can apply to your face using finger or brush.
And the scent of this product is totally same with their female version.
So I'm just a bit confused, what makes this one different? and why the made a male and female version for this mask?
Anyone here can help to answer my question?

For application to be honest I prefer using small foundation brush than finger.
You can apply this perfectly using finger too, but I use brush because it is less messy.

You can apply this mask all over your face or only at part that you want to.
In this post I used this all over my face except my forehead area because I have crazy break out at the moment.
Just being wise, With forehead full off pimples if I use peel off mask there then it will be disaster when I peel it off.
So, I let the forehead area free :P.

I love to use thick layer of it since it will make the mask easier to peel off when it dry.
And it need at least 30 minutes to completely dry.

After 30 minutes I just peel it off.
It is easy to peel and not hurt my face at all.
There's another local peel off mask brand that make me crying everytime I peel off the mask.
This one is very easy to peel, so thumbs up for it :).

I do read some other blogger reviewing the female version and said if the have a hard time t0 peel it off.
They said it is painful and hurt their face.
Idk, maybe they applied a thin layer of it so it hard to peel off ?!
Because I don't have any problem peeling this off and the female version too.

A lil bit tips, You should just apply thick layer of it so no more painful time when you peel it off.

Tada....This is the result after I peel off the mask.
I totally just peel off the mask and wash my face with water after it (ok, actually I had my eyebrow done but that's it).
My skin look smoother and shiny after using this mask.

oh fyi, I have an oily skin.
And this mask is absorbing oil in my face and make it less greasy.

If you expecting this mask to take of your blackhead or whitehead, will be disappointed.
In my opinion this mask is not really work for blackhead and whitehead problem.
Just use regular nose pack from biore if you want to get rid your blackhead or whitehead instantly (I still use nose pack religiously every week).

Personally I didn't expect this will get rid my whitehead / blackhead so I'm kind of satisfied with this mask performance.
This mask make my skin smoother and shiny (not greasy).
Whenever I applied make up after using this mask, I found my make up is look smoother and easier to applied.
But well, in the end it will be depends on personal preference :).

So, here is my final opinion for this product:

- Cheap and Easy to find at supermarket
- Easy to peel off
- Reduces oil and make skin smoother

- Not do anything with blackhead or whitehead

Will I Buy It Again
Yes. It's cheap and I like that it makes my skin smooth.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tutorial : High Blush / Igari make up / Hangover make up

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Hello Friends....

It's been a while since I make any tutorial.
Actually, I've been thinking to post 2 blog post every week now.
Wednesday for product review and Sunday for tutorial.
But I don't know yet if I can keep up with that schedule or not.
Well, I will just try to keep committed and post regularly.

So today I will give you a mini tutorial for Japanese Igari make up or Hangover make up.
It's been very popular few years ago (2013 if I'm not mistaken) and nowadays I still see many Japanese model use this kind of make up.
Personally I've been follow this make up trend since 2013 and still doing it occasionally now.


Today, I will show you how to do my version of Igari Make up:

Tools & Make up

You will need 2 Blush on brushes and 2 kind of blush on.
For blush on I use Elianto (shade: Tangerine) and Revlon (shade : Tawny Red).

Left : Revlon ; Right : Elianto

You don't have to use the exact same product like what I used.
As long as you use similar color then the final result will be same.

Elianto Tangerine is orange pinkish colour and it is matte blush on.
Revlon Tawny Red is reddish pink colour and also matte blush on.

Step by step:

1. Before blush on face


2. Use Elianto blush on at around upper cheek using big brush (circle no 1) and blend it.

Elianto (Shades : Tangerine)



3. Use Revlon blush on using smaller blush on brush (circle no 2), pat into skin then blend.

Revlon (shades : Tawny Red)


 And last is selfie time:

No Flash

With Flash

What I really like from this look are easy to do and quick.
No contour needed, No crazy highliter needed (I use highliter only on my nose).
But you still make you look fresh and dolly.

I did extra for this look today by make a gradient lips.
In real life, I'm not do gradient lips a lot.
Usually I will just use lip tattoo or liptint + lipgloss.
Easy peasy and more long lasting :).

I know in picture my face seems lot more paler than my hand.
It seems like I choose wrong foundation shades.
Actually in real life it is not the case at all.
I used L'oreal True Match foundation and it always give me flash back like crazy.
But in real life it totally look normal :p.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my tutorial and my blogpost.
I will back next wednesday with new product review.

Thanks for come and read my blog ^^.

Note (Product that I used):
- Milani prime shield primer
- L'oreal true match (Shade: G2)
- L'oreal infallible pro-matte powder (Shade: 300 Nude Beige)
- Wet n wild coverall pressed powder (Shade: Medium)
- L'oreal infallible pro-set n spray

- NYX adorable eyeshadow palette (I only use white one for base) 
- Elianto blush on (Shade: Tangerine)
- Jill Beauty gel liner (Shade: Brown)
- Maybelline volume express turbo boost mascara

- Jill Beauty matte lip cream (Shade: Mochacino)
- Jill Beauty matte lip cream (Shade: Hot Apple)
- Wet n wild megalast lipgloss (Shade: Sweet Glaze)


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Review: Elizabeth Helen Lipstick

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Hello Everyone...

I think it's been a year since my last post.
It is not that I don't want to write anymore or left blogging, but there was so many things happened in my life at 2016.
I felt lost and didn't know what to do.
In a simple word, I was extremely unhappy at 2016.

Anyway, I'm back now.
I feel good and happier :).

So, today I want to review a lipstick from brand Elizabeth Helen.
Many of you (especially overseas reader) may have question, what is Elizabeth Helen? Where is this brand come from? and any other question that you have .

From information that I got in their webstite (

Elizabeth Helen is produced by Saudi Perfume & Cosmetics Company (SPCCL) which is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is the largest company of its kind in the whole of the Middle East. Established in 1982, with fully integrated production facility for perfume and cosmetics.
Saudi Perfume & Cosmetics Company which is home for distinguished brand names such as "Elizabeth Helen, J.Casanova", "J.Casanova Blue", "Beethoven" and "Rembrandt" ascended the throne of fragrance and cosmetic manufacturers in the Middle East region, supported by the choice of "Plaisir" and "Pandora" as root fragrances in the edition of the world renowned German H & R perfume Genealogy, published in Germany.
We are also supported by the different products of Mahmood Saeed Group sister companies that enhance our line of top tier products. We go the extra mile to guarantee you, not only the perfumes or cosmetics as fine products that make your fanciest dreams come true, but above that we bring you an integrated line of products ending with charming look and feel.
Elizabeth Helen is a collection of premium quality cosmetics...with this collection of cosmetics every woman can now add an extra element of confidence to reflect her inner beauty for every moment.
The Elizabeth Helen Collection will let you catch their eyes with your look just as you catch their hearts with your personality. This line of cosmetics is one of the first choices for the most beautiful women all over the world.

To be honest, I just know if this brand is exist by last month when I order my first lipstick at berrybenka.
Before that, I never heard this brand before.

They have 3 kind of lipstick finish:
1. Matte
2. Glossy
3. Shimmer

I only have 2 lipstick from elizabeth helen, it has glossy and shimmer finish.


For the glossy finish I have no #26 and the shimmer one no #38.
They have so many lipstick shades, if I'm not mistaken it is around 60 shades.
And they doesn't use name for every shade, instead they using number.

lets start the review with this hand swatch: 

left: #26 ; right: #38

As you can see, both of this has a very pretty colour and pigmented.
I usually use 2 or 3 swatch to cover my whole lips.
Many glossy or shimmery lipstick has a little to no coverage in my lips, but this lipsticks are pigmented and does a good job.

I will show you lips swatch below:

1.  Elizabeth Helen Shimmer Lipstick no #38

Lips Swatch

Natural light

flash light

2. Elizabeth Helen Glossy Lipstick no #26

lips swatch

Natural light

Flash light

Both of it have a very smooth finish in my lips.
Sometimes shimmery lipstick can be really patchy but this one is smooth.
And the shimmer in it is very fine, so still can be used as everyday lipstick.

No #38 is pinky and very girly lipstick shade.
I always think I look more girly and feminine when I used this one :p.
But this one is also can be turn very pale when I used this alone without any other make up.
So I usually used this one when I'm in full make up or else it will looks washed out.

No #26 is dark chocolate colour.
If you didn't like dark and bold lipstick, then this one is not for you.
I love dark and bold colour, so this lipstick shade is really calling my name..hehe.

The only negative things from this lipstick is that it have a very strong scent.
It is not the vanilla or caramel scent that we usually smell on other lipstick,but more of flowery or perfume scent.
You even can taste it after you applied it, even if it will fade after some times.
I was read some other blogger review and they wrote that this lipstick have a pleasant scent.
So yeah, it will be back into personal choices.
Personally, I prefer vanilla or cupcakes scent on my lipstick more than flowery scent.

For overall review, my opinion about this lipstick are:

* Cheap, only cost me Rp 38k at Berrybenka and Rp 30K at watsons (Around USD 3).
* Easy to find, You can find it at watson or you can buy it online (many e-store sell this product)
* Pigmentation is great.

* Have a strong flowery scent

Will I buy it again:
I will buy if it's on sale but will not purposely buy it since I didn't really like it scent.



Sunday, May 29, 2016

Back to school make up tutorial (for middle school and high school student)

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I back with my beauty entry (update every sunday) and today I'll make Back to school make up tutorial for middle school student (smp & sma).I've been watch some video and read some blog tutorial for back to school make up but I don't think if it's suitable for indonesian student.
Even when I watch tutorial from some indonesian beauty blogger for back to school make up, I still feel if it's kind of not suitable for indonesian student.
At indonesia, middle school and high school student didn't allowed to use visible make up at school.
Not only make up but even hair colouring is not allowed at school.

So today I'll make tutorial that at least more acceptable at school :).

All you need for this tutorial is:

1. BB cream (cushion bb cream is also good)
BB cream has spf in it and for school student that may lazy to put sunblock it will be good enough.

2. Face Powder
For this look actually I use baby powder but you can use any powder that you have at home.

3. Eyebrow brush

4. Tinted lipbalm/liptint

And let's start the tutorial

1. Prepare your face with daily basic skincare (moisturizer, sunblock)

2. Put a lil bit of bb cream and spread it with finger

3. Face powder to give you matte effect

4. Brush your eyebrow (and no, you didn't need to draw your eyebrow for school make up. it will be too much for school if you draw your eyebrow).

5. Tinted lipbalm so you won't have dry lips ^^

6. Result

Easy and very fast to do right?
It won't take more than 10 minutes to do this every morning :).
I really hope if this tutorial could be useful for any middle school and highschool student that want to look good but not by breaking school rules.

See you again next sunday with another post that 
I hope will be more interesting than this ^^.
Happy Sunday...

I was looking for my old highschool uniform but can‘t find it (it‘s been 11 years since my highschool graduation :p).
So i just grab my white shirt and wear it (pretend like I wear school uniform...hehe...)


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