Hello from the red zone area of covid-19 at Indonesia

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Hi everyone,

It's been years since last time I wrote here.
And it's been years too since I wrote in english.
Today I'm here to share experiences living in red zone area of covid-19 at indonesia.

As everyone know, now covid-19 reach indonesia already and the growth of positive case grows rapidly in a month.
From 2 cases at the beginning of march, it grow into 1500++ cases in the end of march.
And as we all know, Jakarta have most cases.

I live at surabaya and now there's around 90 positive cases here.
So we already in the red zone now.

Goverment (read: president) advised us to do #socialdistancing which now become #physicaldistancing.
Is it effective to prevent more cases???
To be honest if we live in country where people came with similar education background or financial background then it will be very effective.

But in indonesia where people came from various education and financial background, an advice is not enough.
Unless there is a punishment when they not doing it, nobody will care enough to do it.

Most people still take the covid-19 as joke.
They still joking around about corona.
Maybe they thought if they got covid-19 then they can survive 100%.
When we all know, once got positive they choice is only survive or die.
Which we also know, death rate from covid-19 at indonesia is high (last time I check 8%).

And if everyone want to really come down to the street, there still people sit in a crowd at warkop (small coffee shop), a lot of woman in kampung still sit outside and gathered with neighbor gossiping.

Goverment advising for #workfromhome.
But to be honest, how many company will really doing it?
Especially in this economy situation.
They already lost money and predicting will lose more money, and you asking them to willingly let their worker #dirumahaja????

I still work daily now.
But my work day never be as fun as before.
Everyday, I woke up feeling worry to go to office.
And there is nothing I can do about this.
Not like I can resign right away and being irresponsible.
Because to be honest I just want to stay at home nowadays.
Not got paid is ok, as long as I'm not going out

Do you all ever think about us that everyday battle with worry and fear when we going to work?

Economy is important, but life is very precious.
Once your life gone, it is gone.
There's no money that can buy it back.

Did our life are not precious anymore?
Did money now become more precious than life?
I don't know.

I was worry but not super worry about this covid-19.
Until this morning.

My friend text me to inform if someone that we know passed away because covid-19.
She got the virus because she went to jakarta for business trip this month.
Did she want to go to jakarta???
I'm not sure if she volunteered to go.
But when your office ask you to come, can you just reject it???
Can not!!!!
As many office use the "only advise" As a reason to keep you work as usual.

She is a good person.
Indeed a good person.
She was help me a lot to be a better person, develop my character at work.
I always said to everyone that I might be never can be who I am if I never met her.
And to hear news she is gone this way, it is actually break my heart into pieces.

I didn't met her for 5 years by now.
But she always be a person that I respect.
If she was never gave me opportunity to work with her, I may never be the same person.

Very soon will be ramadhan after ramadhan will be idul fitri.
Which means people from big city will doing exodus to their hometown.
Which also means higher chance to spread more virus.
Goverment advice people to not go back to their hometown.
But to be honest, I'm not sure if people will listen into advise only.

I really dont know where I should speak up about my worries.
That's why I write my worries here.

Some people dont want to go work but have to go because office force us too (which I understand the company reason too).
Others that have opportunity to just stay at home, instead going out.

Oh btw, if there's an option of #stayathome and office cut my salary, I will take it without second thought.
Because for me, my life and my family life more precious than anything.

Review: Emina Apricot Jam Face Scrub

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Hello Friends,

I still don't know when I will wrote more about my hanoi trip.
So today I will talk about my recent face scrub, Emina Apricot Jam Face Scrub.

Before I start my review, let's just find out what Emina said about this product from their website:

"Apricot Seed and Olive Oil in Glycerin base gives a moist and natural exfoliation to remove dead skin cell and impurities".

Well, not much explaination at their website about this product..haha.

Now, lets go to the review:

First, I want to talk about their packaging.
To be honest, I'm not a fussy person about packaging design.
As long as the product is work, I usually never really pay attention into packaging design..
I have to admit if Emina product have young and catchy design.
Their packaging remind me into korean brands that famous with their catchy packaging design.

About the product it self, I find it mild in my skin.
But remember my skin is a mature skin and I have no acne or big pores problem.

The cream in it is quite creamy but you still can use it without need to wet your face first.
It has a nice scent that didn't bother me at all.
I actually like the scent of this scrub.
Their scrub beans are also nice, not too big or too small for my liking.
But I'm not recommend this product for people that have acne problem, because their beans can be a lil bit too harsh for skin with acne.

Personally, I use this scrub once or twice a week (depend on my lazyness..hehe..).
And after using this scrub, my skin feel fresh and smooth.
So their claim if this scrub remove dead skin is correct.

I've been use this scrub for a month and I feel that my skin is less dull.
But if you want a clear skin, this scrub only not enough!
For clear skin you need to watch your diet and put another skincare quite religiously.

For overall review:

- Cheap, only Rp 24K (I bought mine at shopee)- Easy to get (they have offline store too)- Make my skin smooth and bright

Contra:- None for me

Will I buy it again:Yes.But I also tempted to try their sugar rush scrub, so :D.

Overall:4 / 5

Jalan-Jalan : Hanoi Vietnam Trip 2018(How to go to Old Quarter from Noibai Airport) Part 1

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Hello Friends,

Happy sunday everyone!
Today I'm going to write about my travel experience to Vietnam last june.
I went to hanoi from 12 june - 18 june.
Yes, it was holiday season at Indonesia (eid Fitri) and the ticket price is quite expensive.

My flight was Surabaya - Hanoi via Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia.
It was an early flight and I barely sleep at the night before (too excited maybe..haha).
So My flight from Surabaya to KL at 05.05 AM - 08.35 AM and my flight from KL to Hanoi 12.40 PM - 15.00 PM.


After I reach KLIA2 and eat my brunch, I walk to my gate then sleep on the chair.
You know how chair on the waiting gate at KLIA2 are not designed for people to sleep right?
But I can sleep at that chair for an hour :D.
Too sleepy, so I just fall asleep there.

I arrived at Noibai International airport around 15.15 PM.
After immigration, get my baggage, toilet and changing money, around 4.20 PM I was ready to leave airport to go to my hotel at old quarter.
If you are not going to spend a lot at vietnam, in my opinion the money changer at airport give you quite fair rate.
In fact, I only change my money once at airport for the whole 5 days I spend at Vietnam.

There are few choices to go to old quarter from Nobai Airport:

1. By Taxi / Grab.
This option will cost you around usd 10 - USD 15.

2. Hotel Transfer.

3. Bus
Highly recommended for old quarter route!
I was take bus 86 from Nobai to old quarter and walk a lil bit to reach my hotel.
This bus is safe and very cheap (30k dong/person).
They will ask the fee on board and if you don't have small notes, they will give you change.
To find bus 86, walk to the left side after you get out from the arrival door.
Then you need to cross the street to find the bus 86 sign.
The bus come very often, you just need to wait a lil bit.

After you hop at the bus, tell the bus staff to notify when you have to get off the bus.
Don't worry, the bus staff can speak english and very nice.

Bus 86 Route

Instead of using that bus pamflet, I was using bus stop application call BusMapHN - Hanoi bus map.
Basically you just put the address there and find where the closest bus stop from your hotel.
You can download this apps at google store.
And they also have the exact same apps for ho chi minh area.
Not sponsored, I just find this apps is useful so I want to share with everyone.

I arrived at hotel around 06.00 PM, take a shower and going out for dinner.
There's so many restaurant that you can choose around old quarter.
That night my dinner was KFC.
Even if I can find KFC everywhere at Surabaya, but different country have different menu that only exclusively available there.
And my mom was also want to see what the menu at Hanoi KFC, so we headed to KFC Hoan Kiem.

The thing that I found very interesting is they give us fork and knife for eating KFC.
I will never find any chicken fastfood restaurant that will give us fork and knife at Indonesia.

How's the food?
In my opinion, just ok lah. Not super good but not bad either (even if the chicken is very small..hehe).
I just didn't really like their ketchup, it taste different with ketchup at Indonesia.
Other then their ketchup, it's actually not bad at all.

After dinner, we back to the hotel and rest.
I was chat with my mom for a bit then fall asleep.

-To be Continued-

Part 2 - Ngoc Son Temple, Hoan Kiem Lake, Huc Bridge, Dong Xuan Market, Thang Long Water Puppet Show

Dark Skin is Ugly

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Hello Friends,
it's been awhile since the last time I wrote here.
So many things happened in this past few months.
I have a new job now and this few months I've been busy adjusting my self with my new job.
That's why I didn't wrote much here.

Today I'm going to talk about topic that always been there since centuries ago.
"Skin Color".

Recently I watched video about this topic.
Asian and Westerner have different preference about skin colour.
Mostly asian will say that Fair Skin is better/prettier.
Where westerner will say that Tan skin is better.

Today, I want to share to you my personal experience about "How it feels to have dark tan skin in asia (especially Indonesia)".

As everyone know already, people prefer white/fair skin in asia.
If you travel to asia and walk in beauty aisle at supermarket, you can find many "whitening" product.
There are Whitening Soap, Whitening Lotion, Whitening Moisturizer, Whitening mask, Whitening Cream, exc.
People in asia are obsess with whitening product.

For westerner (esp those who never travel to asia before) it can be a surprising that asian are obsess with whitening.
In asia, you will see a lot of people use umbrella in daylight or you will see people wearing long sleeves shirt in a hot sunny day.
Basically, they trying to avoid sun light as much as they can.

I born with tan skin.
But because we don't have "Tan" word at my languange, so when I was young people often call me Hitam (Black).
And being hitam here means you are ugly and undesirable.

Are there a lot of people make fun of me because of my skin colour?
Absolutely, yes.
Even my close friend was telling me to bleach my skin or else I will never ever have boyfriend.
Well, never follow her suggestion and I still have boyfriend anyway.

In my childhood, I don't remember anyone ever called me beautiful / pretty.
The only compliment that I got was "sweet".
In Indonesia when you have dark skin people rarely said if you are beautiful / pretty, you will just end up as "sweet".
For adult, it's not a big deal.
But for kids?
It's broke their heart when her other friend called as beautiful / pretty when she is just "sweet".

I grew up believing if I am ugly and I always feel sad with my skin colour.
I was always wish that I have fair skin so I can be beautiful.
I become a very shy person and unconfident with my self.

And there was one time when I absolutely obsess with whitening product.
Whitening soap, Whitening lotion, Whitening cream, I were only use product with whitening label in it.
I think the only thing that I never tried is Whitening injection.
Yes People, We have whitening injection too!

When I grow older and internet era is coming (around 2000's), slowly but surely I change my mindset about what beauty is.
I seen a lot more of beautiful people with dark skin and that nothing wrong with dark skin.
No matter if you have white skin or dark skin, everyone is uniquely beautiful.

If you asking, are society in Indonesia now have different mindset compared with my childhood days?
Nothing change much.
You still can see people talk about this topic in blog.
And I still can see people make fun of others because of their skin color.
It's sad reality, I know it.

My advise for younger girl out there that feeling unhappy / bullied because of their dark skin.
Stop listening to people that saying if you are ugly because of your skin.
You are not ugly!
People who call you ugly are the real ugly one.
Be confident with yourself.
And you will be happier :)

I went to hanoi last june, should I make an blog post about my trip?

Blog Tutorial : Cara Mengedit Video Menggunakan Videopad + Link Download (Bahasa Indonesia)

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Hello Friends,
Today I'm going to write about stuff that unrelated with beauty so I will write using Bahasa Indonesia today :).
Beauty related entry will uploaded in next week.

Hari ini aku mau share cara aku buat edit semua video-video youtube aku.
Dan aku pakai bahasa indonesia buat jelasin bukan karena ga pede bikin entry serius pake bahasa inggris, tapi aku berharap supaya entry aku yang ini bisa lebih mudah di pahami banyak orang.

Anyway, kebetulan aku lihat di youtube gak terlalu banyak beauty youtuber dari Indonesia.
Kalo adapun emang mereka-mereka yang udah jadi big youtuber (ex: Lizzie Parra, Tasya Farasha, dll).
Yang lainnya? hmm...kebanyakan ga terlalu konsisten untuk jadi youtubers.

Ini semua bikin aku mikir, apa jangan-jangan pada males jadi youtubers karena ribet edit videonya?
Padahal ngedit video jatuhnya lebih cepet daripada ngedit foto-foto buat blog.
I'm not saying my editing is flawless tapi di sini aku cuma mau share aja, siapa tahu ada diantara pembaca blog aku yang interested buat jadi youtubers cuma bingung gimana cara edit video.

Ada banyak banget software untuk edit video, aku pribadi pake Videopad.
Alasannya karena Videopad itu user friendly banget.
Oh ya, ini bukan entry iklan ya. aku ga dapet apa-apa dari videopad kok.

Langkah pertama yang harus kalian lakukan adalah download software NCH Videopad.
Downloadnya dimana?
Kalian bisa download disini atau kalian bisa google cari link download yang Free.

Hari ini aku mau buat Part I dulu ya untuk tutorialnya, yaitu:


1. Setelah kalian download, langsung aja run program Videopad. Nanti kalian bakal menemui tampilan seperti ini.

 2. Kan masih kosong tuh projectnya. Langkah selanjutnya kalian klik open buat buka file video/foto yang kalian mau edit.

3. Ntar kalo abis di klik open bakal muncul kayak gambar di bawah ini. Kalian tinggal pilih mana video/foto yang akan di edit.

4. Setelah kalian pilih, nanti video dan foto nya bakalan muncul di videopad seperti gambar dibawah ini.

klik gambar untuk memperbesar

 5. Untuk mengedit video, kalian tinggal drag (seret) video/foto kalian ke kotak abu-abu (video 1) yang posisinya ada di bawah.

klik gambar untuk memperbesar

 6. Sekarang tinggal nambahin lagu ke video kalian deh.
Caranya sama dengan langkah ke 1-3, cuma kalau yang tadi kalian pilih file video/foto maka untuk yang ini kalian pilih file lagu yang mau kalian pakai (bisa MP3 atau apapun asal filenya di support oleh videopad).

klik gambar untuk memperbesar

 7. selesai download lagu/audio, kalian tinggal drag (seret) lagu yang mau kalian pakai ke kotak warna ungu (audio track 2) di bawah audio track 1.

klik gambar untuk memperbesar

8. Kak, bisa ga aku maunya videoku suaranya di ilangin aja jadi biar pure cuma kedengeran lagunya di video yang baru?
Bisa dong. Kalian tinggal klik icon yang aku kasih tanda di audio track 1.

klik gambar untuk memperbesar

9. Setelah kalian klik nanti muncul kotak clip volume, tinggal kalian tick mute trus ok.

 10. Gimana cara buat simpan?
Kalian tinggal klik file trus "save project as" dan simpan seperti kalian simpan file kalian biasanya.

klik gambar untuk memperbesar

11. Selesai deh.
Sekarang kalian udah bisa gabungin video-video kalian sama lagu-lagu yang kalian suka 😁.
Gampang banget kan ternyata untuk buat video.

Ini pasti bakalan ada yang nanya habis ini:
Kak, ini bisa langsung di upload ke youtube kah videonya?
Jawabannya: Belum.

Nanti aku jelaskan di postingan selanjutnya cara untuk upload video ke youtube.
Sementara buat yang part 1 kita sudahi di sini dulu soalnya udah kepanjangan postingannya..hehe..

Ini kalo ada yang baca trus ngedumel "blog apaan ini, bahas beginian kok bahasanya gak formal sama sekali?!?"
Mohon maaf ya, ini sebenarnya Beauty Blog jadi aku gak kepengen reader merasa kaku pas baca blog ini.
Dan aku pengen menjelaskan dengan bahasa yang gampang buat di cerna orang awam.

Ok deh, postingan hari ini segini aja.
Nanti kapan aku lanjutin lagi part 2 nya.

Thanks for reading all.


Review: Mukka Cosmetic Eyeshadow + Blush On Palette (02)

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Hello Friends,
So sorry last week I'm not writing at all :(.
I don't know, but sometimes I feel like blogging is being more and more unrelated.
Also that blog community now is quite different with blog community few years ago.

Back then there was so many unique bloggers.
Nowadays, the way people write seems like they start to losing their originality.
Like almost all have quite same style of writing (especially beauty blogger).
I dont know, maybe it's on trend or maybe because there was one person writing in that style and then her/his blog booming so people follow her style.
Just feel almost the same...
Well, no offence guys. I'm just saying my two cent on this.

But anyway, we are not going to talk about this today.
Today I'm going to reviewing eyeshadow n blusher palette from brand Mukka.

Yes guys, I know.
Many of you will questioning about this brand.
To be honest, I also discover this brand only recently when I was accidentally find this palette at Transmart.
I'm not buy this palette at Transmart!
I was hesitated to bought the palette since I never heard of this brand at all.
I mean, biar kata cheapskate juga kan aku takut kalo pake produk abal-abal.

So I googled this brand and there's some review about this brand.
I decided to give it a try after I know the are listed at BPOM (if there's any mistake, please anyone correct me).

This palette have 2 pan of blush on and 6 pan of shimerry eyeshadow.
And I was really surprised on how good this product is.
Every review that I read said if this eyeshadow have a major fall out but when I try it, nope.
Yes, it has fall out.
But there's nothing major.

For the swatch you can see at my video below:

I'm so sorry that I only able to do live swatch and there's no brush swatches :(.

Anyway, so this is my final though about this palette:

- Cheap (only Rp 19K)
- Pigmented
- Blended so well

- Packaging is easy to break


Will I buy again:

Review: Purbasari Matte Lipstick (Pirus 83, Topaz 86, Zambrud 87)

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Hello Friends,
Today I'm going to review local lipstick that got very famous at Indonesia few times ago.

Actually the have a lot selection of colours but I only have 3 shades on my hand now:

1. Pirus (83)
2. Topaz (86)
3. Zambrud (87)

For the swatch on my hand and lips you can see at my video below:

And for my final thought of this product:

- Cheap, only IDR 28K
- Wonderful colour
- Smells good 👍

- light packaging

Will I Buy It Again: