Sunday, May 29, 2016

Back to school make up tutorial (for middle school and high school student)

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I back with my beauty entry (update every sunday) and today I'll make Back to school make up tutorial for middle school student (smp & sma).I've been watch some video and read some blog tutorial for back to school make up but I don't think if it's suitable for indonesian student.
Even when I watch tutorial from some indonesian beauty blogger for back to school make up, I still feel if it's kind of not suitable for indonesian student.
At indonesia, middle school and high school student didn't allowed to use visible make up at school.
Not only make up but even hair colouring is not allowed at school.

So today I'll make tutorial that at least more acceptable at school :).

All you need for this tutorial is:

1. BB cream (cushion bb cream is also good)
BB cream has spf in it and for school student that may lazy to put sunblock it will be good enough.

2. Face Powder
For this look actually I use baby powder but you can use any powder that you have at home.

3. Eyebrow brush

4. Tinted lipbalm/liptint

And let's start the tutorial

1. Prepare your face with daily basic skincare (moisturizer, sunblock)

2. Put a lil bit of bb cream and spread it with finger

3. Face powder to give you matte effect

4. Brush your eyebrow (and no, you didn't need to draw your eyebrow for school make up. it will be too much for school if you draw your eyebrow).

5. Tinted lipbalm so you won't have dry lips ^^

6. Result

Easy and very fast to do right?
It won't take more than 10 minutes to do this every morning :).
I really hope if this tutorial could be useful for any middle school and highschool student that want to look good but not by breaking school rules.

See you again next sunday with another post that 
I hope will be more interesting than this ^^.
Happy Sunday...

I was looking for my old highschool uniform but can‘t find it (it‘s been 11 years since my highschool graduation :p).
So i just grab my white shirt and wear it (pretend like I wear school uniform...hehe...)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm back and I'm Alive

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Hello everyone :).


I think it's been almost a year I've been abandon my blog (>_<).
Last year were great, there was a little bit problem in here and there but it was quite a good year for me.
But 2016 is really hard, I've been getting through of many things this year.
So many sad, hurt and painful things happen to me earlier this year :(.
Anyway everything is ok now and I'm happy that I can writing here again...hehe...

I've been looking to my draft and find some post that I wrote last year but not publish it yet.
I'll start editing my post in draft and will publish it soon.

This year I hope can find new friend through blogging also I want to keep sharing things that I love here (make up, skin care, food, holiday).

Btw, did any of you had instagram or snapchat?
I would like to follow back your instagram or snapchat if you're following mine.
My IG : keiagasshi
My Snapchat : sparklingbyul
Just tell me if you find my IG and snapchat from my blog so I'll follow yours back ^^.

Last, I'll post some vain pictures of me...kkkk...
It was taken last sunday after church because I felt that my make up quite good :p.


See you soon in my next blog post <3

Monday, June 15, 2015

Daily exercise

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Hi lovelies,

It's been 2 months since last time I updated my blog.
I think if there is an award for the most lazy blogger, I'll won it (>.<).

Btw, lately I've been motivated to exercise.
I have no aim for losing weight at all because I'm already very skinny (5'3 and 46 kg).
So my main purpose is to be healthy and fit (also get rid my bloated

At first before I decide to start exercise, I feel that I'm getting tired easily.
Even if I got enough sleep, I still feel tired.
My stamina is in a low level and I didn't feel good at all with it.
After a while feeling bad like that, I decided to start exercise.
Not a fancy one by join a gym or class, just self exercise at home.

For the first step I only did it 15 minutes daily for 3 days.
The result is MUSCLE PAIN.
and I barely can walk properly at my first 3 days of

Imagine about a body  that never been work out for years then I force it to work out.
I got muscle pain all over my body (especially my leg).

But after exercise routine for a while my body is gradually adjusted and I feel better day by day.
Nowadays, I didnt feel severe muscle pain after exercise.
Only sometimes I will feel it if I use dumbell as weight.

Now after doing exercise for two months, I can feel that slowly my body have more stamina.
I'm not easily tired again, my bloated tummy is reduced, and my body slowly toned.

I did exercise about 30 minutes, 4 or 5 times a week.
I need a rest day to rest my muscle, so 4 or 5 times a week is enough for me.

And exercise that I did are:

1. Static bike
I did it once a week for 15 minutes and I consider it as warm up.
Or if I didn't do static bike then I'll do jumping jack for 90 seconds as warm up.

2. Squat and sumo squat
Squat is help to lift our bum muscle and make it look rounder.
In my case I didn't think that my bum become rounder yet but it actually lift my bum up.
Once again, I'm very skinny so my body have no curves.
I was getting use at it, but after do exercise for a while finally I have bum (>///<).

3. Lunges

4. Another exercise that I see on YouTube 
My favorite exercise account at YouTube is fitness blender.
Their video for beginner is really help me to start my exercise journey.

Anyway, how about you?
What exercise that you do daily?

Please share with me your healthy secret :).

See you again in my next entry ya....

PS: sorry no bahasa translation, aku nulisnya pake blogger Android.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Skincare Routine

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since last time I wrote here.
Kind of busy with personal matter lately.
Was got some problem at office too so I don't have any feeling to write.
Udah agak lama ga nulis di sini.
Sibuk banget akhir-akhir ini.
Beberapa waktu yang lalu ada masalah di kantor jadi ga semangat buat nulis di sini.

Anyway, I'm OK now.
Just home from my short trip at Bali (will blog about it later #ifImnotlazy) and now I will share about my skincare routine that I was applied recently.
Usually my skin will have some problem when I am in vacation (dunno why).
It's either break out or my skin will become really dull when I'm home.
Anyway, aku OK sekarang.
Baru pulang dari Bali (bakal di update di sini nanti #klogamalas) dan sekarang aku mau share skincare routine ku.
Biasanya kulitku bakalan ada problem kalo aku lagi liburan (ga tau kenapa).
Kalo ga break out pasti nantinya bakalan kusan pas aku pulang.

But my recent skincare routine maintain my skin on good condition even when I got sun exposure a lot.
Tapi skincare routine ku yang sekarang bikin kulitku tetap ada di kondisi yang baik walaupun aku kejemur di terik matahari.

It's not a high end brand or expensive product, but these product does good job on my skin.
Aku ga pake high brand atau produk yang mahal, tapi produk yang aku pakai berkesan di kulitku.


1. Clean n Clear facial wash

Credit: Google

My fave facial foam!
I tried a lot of brand for facial wash but always back to this.
Facial foam favorit ku!
Aku udah nyoba banyak brand tapi selalu balik lagi ke ini.

It's very light yet still can clean up my face.
Ini ringan tapi tetap bisa bersihin kulitku dengan baik.

2. Viva Green tea Face Tonic

credit: Google

This tones is really awesome! (I promise will make a full review of this product soon).
Very cheap but help to improved my skin a lot.
I always repurchased it when I see it in supermarket rack.
Aku ga translate kalimat di atas tapi aku mau bilang kalo toner ini bagus nbanget!
Murah tapi banyak ngebantu kulitku buat jadi lebih baik.

3. Revlon New Complexion Hydrating Cream

This is my favorite moisturizer!!!
First time tried this cream I was think it will be heavy and greasy.
But then I find out if this cream is light yet still keep my skin hydrated.
Moizturizer favoritku!!!
Pertama kali nyoba aku kira bakalan berat dan berminyak.
Tapi ternyata ringan tapi tetap bikin kulitku hydrated.

4. Biore Aqua Rich sunblock SPF 50

credit: Google

Water based sunblock that protect my skin without leaving an oily feeling.
Sunblock berbahan dasar air yang melindungi kulitku tanpa terasa berminyak.

5. Revlon CC cream (occasionally)

I rarely use foundation nowadays.
I want to let my skin breathe and try to not wearing heavy make up often.
So if I want a lil bit coverage then I'll use this cc cream.
Aku sekarang jarang pakai foundation.
Aku mau kulitku bernafas dan  mencoba buat ga pakai make up berat terlalu sering.
Jadi kalo aku pengen sedikit coverage, aku pakai cc cream ini

6. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balm


Step 1 - 3 are same with AM routine.
Step 1 - 3 sama dengan AM routine.

4. Biokos Botu Like Anti Wrinkle Over Night Treatment

I am 27 y.o this year so I need to start using anti aging cream..haha..
I can't stop my self from aging but at least I could slow down the aging process by using anti aging cream :).
Aku tahun ini udah 27 tahun jadi aku perlu untuk mulai pakai anti aging cream..haha..
Aku ga bisa menghentikan proses aging tapi paling ga aku bisa memperlambat prosesnya :).

5. TBS Born Lippie Lip balm.

My daily skincare routine is very simple as I didn't use a lot of product.
Some product that I mention is local brand so you might be never heard the brand before.
But all product that I mention here is really work for my skin (^_^)b.
Skincare routine ku sangat simple karena aku ga pakai banyak produk.
Beberapa produk yang aku pake adalah local brand.
Tapi semua produk yang aku pakai sangat berkesan buat kulitku (^_^)b.

Anyway, how about you?
What product that you use for your recent skincare routine?
Anyway, kalo kamu?
Apa produk yang kamu paki buat skincare routine mu sekarang?



Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review: Maybelline Baby lips Electro Pop in Pink Shock

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Hello everyone....
First off all I want to say:

I wish you all have a loving valentine day :).
I'll make an entry about my valentine day but in my other blog.
So if you want to read it just check out my other blog okies ^^.

Anyway, Today I'm going to reviewing a very famous lipbalm from Maybelline.
I know it's kinda late to reviewing this product, but still better late than nothing right?

Maybelline Baby Lips Elecro pop in Pink Shock


Why You'll Love It
  • Electric color pigments give your lips a sheer jolt of neon color
  • Protects and moisturizes for a full 8 hours
  • In 6 New Tinted Shades
  • Visibly renewed lips in 1 week*
    • 88% Had Smoother Lips*
    • 82% Had Less Dry Lips*
    • 70% Had More Supple Lips*
    • 83% Had Better-Looking Lips*
*Based on panelists’ self-evaluation after 1 week taken from:

And here's the ingredients list:

Let's move on into my review about this lipbalm:

First of all I want to be honest that I dont like this lipbalm packaging.
Usually I never be fussy about my make up or skin care packaging.
But this lipbalm packaging is kinda annoying for me.

As you all know if we can't twist this lipbalm fully inside the tube and it make me need to close the tube very carefully or end up hitting the tube cover into its product.

About the product it's self, in my lips it's come less waxy then my usual lipbalm.
Also it has a pretty good moisturizing effect and colour.
This product consistency remind me into my teenage day lipbalm Belia, they have a very similar consistency with old belia lipbam (never bought their new formulated lipbalm).

I love this lipbalm smell and colour, it give me a pretty sheer and glossy lips look.
I use it as my daily lipbalm now :).

But my lips condition now is pretty good, not dry or chapped.
I'm pretty much wont recommend this lipbalm if you have dry and chapped lips.
Eventhough it's have good moisturizing effect in normal lips but I dont think it will help to smooth a dry lips.
The moisturizing effect only last for 2-3 hours in my lips.

And now I wanna show how pretty this lipbalm colour:

Hand swatch

Lips swatch

I really like how this lipbalm give me sheer but noticeable pink colour in my lips.
It give me a colour in my face even when I use no make up, so I wont end up look pale and sick (>.<).



- Good smell
- Good colour
- Cheap (I bought it IDR 28k, but I'm sure you can get lower price if you bought it in supermarket).
- Pretty good moisturizing effect

- Not friendly packaging 
- Won't help dry lips

But I may bought another lipbalm from baby lips range too.


Well, I have to say that I'm not really impressed with this lipbalm.
Out of the hype and good review from this product, I have to say that this is not as good as what I expected.
But I won't say that this is a bad product also.
For me this one is kinda average product :).

How about you all, have you tried this one before?
And what your favorite lipbalm brand?

Ps: sorry no translation.
Busy like a bee, dont really have time to write (T_T).



Sunday, February 8, 2015

DIY: Eyeshadow Primer

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Hi everyone...
How's your week?
Hi semuanya...
Gimana kabarnya minggu ini?

Today I'm going to share my recipe to make your own eyeshadow primer.
Yes, we can make our own eyeshadow primer at home :).
Hari ini aku mo share cara bikin  eyeshadow primer sendiri.
Ya, kita bisa bikin eyeshadow primer sendiri di rumah :).

Why we need an eyeshadow primer?
because it will make our eyshadow color out more vibrant, long lasting and prevent creasing.
Kenapa kita butuh eyeshadow primer?
karena eyeshadow primer akan bikin warna eyeshadow untuk jadi lebih keluar, awet dan menghindari creasing.

So let's start to make our own eyeshadow primer :).
Jadi mari kita buat eyeshadow primer sendiri :)

First of all we need a container and little spoon/spatula. 
Pertama-tama kita butuh container dan sendok kecil/spatula.


1. Foundation : I use my revlon colorstay foundation.
2. Unscented Body butter/ Face cream : I use my australian emu oil moisturizing cream.
3. Powder : I use my elianto natural mineral powder.

And this is how to make it:
Cara membuat:

All we need to do is just mix all the ingredients together in the container.
For me it's a 2:1:2 for powder:foundation:face cream.
Yang harus di lakukan adalah mencampur semua bahan sampai rata.
Takarannya kalo buat aku 2:1:2 untuk powder:foundation:face cream.

Then the final result should be look like this: 
Dan hasil akhirnya harusnya seperti ini:

Let's try if this primer work or not:
Kita coba berhasil atau tidak:

left: without ; right: with

It's work very well...
Without primer I need to swatch 3 times before the color pop.
With primer it just need one swatch.
Ini bekerja dengan sangat baik...
Tanpa primer aku perlu swatch sampai 3 kali sebelum warnanya keluar.
Dengan primer aku cuma perlu watch sekali aja.

So that's it for now...
I hope it can help you to save few buck from buying eyeshadow primer :).
So ini untuk hari ini...
Aku harap bisa membantu untuk berhemat daripada harus beli eyeshadow primer :)

Thanks for reading.



Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review: Original Source Vanilla Raspberry Shower Gel

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Hi  everyone....
Today I'm going to share my recent favorite shower gel.
Hi semua.....
Hari ini aku mo share shower gel favoritku saat ini.

So I was reading some of indonesian beauty blogger review about this shower gel and getting interested to try.
Jadi aku sempet baca review dari beberapa indonesian beauty blogger mengenai shower gel ini dan tertarik banget buat cobain.

Last week when I went to supermarket I've seen this product in a rack and decide to grab one home.
And I have to say that it's smell very yummy.
In my nose it's smell like a raspberry milkshake or ice cream.
Nah, minggu lalu pas pergi ker supermarket (carrefour lebih tepatnya) aku ngeliat ada produk ini di rak dan mutusin buat ambil satu.
Dan aku harus ngakuin kalo wanginya yummy banget.
Di hidungku wanginya kayak raspberry milkshake atau icecream.

Out of the smell, I really impressed that this product using natural fragrance.
I'm a person who like natural product.
Not that I against chemical product but I do love natural product.
Di luar dari aromanya, aku seneng banget karena produk ini pakai pewangi alami.
Aku orangnya suka produk natural.
Bukan karena aku ga suka produk kimia tapi hanya karena aku suka produk natural.

If you buy made in UK original source product you will see if they put a vegan label on their bottle.
But since mine is made in thailand so I didnt find that vegan label in my bottle.
Anyway, with or without vegan label still I love this product.
Kalo kamu beli produk original source yang made in UK  kamu bakal ngeliat ada label vegan di botolnya.
Tapi karena yang ada di indo ini made in thailand jadi ga ada label vegannya deh.
Anyway, dengan atau tanpa label vegan aku tetap suka produk ini.

At first I thought this product consistency will be like more creamier than a shower gel.
But when I start using it I found out if this is not a creamy/foamy product. 
We still can use it even in a summer day because it doesn't left greasy feeling on your skin :).
Awalnya aku kira produk ini bakalan jadi lebih creamy di banding shower gel biasa.
Tapi pas mulai pake tenrnya produk ini ga cramy/foamy.
Kalo pas lagi cuaca panas make ini juga ga bakalan berasa greasy :). 


I've read some blogger said if this product have moisturizing effect.
But to be honest I don't feel if this product giving me moisturizing effect.
This is not make my skin dry but not give any moisturizing effect too.
Aku baca beberapa blogger bilang kalo produk ini ada moisturizing effect nya.
Tapi sejujurnya aku ga merasa produk ini ngasih moisturizing effect ke kulitku.
Ini ga ngebikin kulit kering sih tapi juga ga ada moisturizing effectnya juga.

Well, in the end it's still a shower gel so we should not expect much from it to give us moisturizing effect right ^^.
Tapi pada akhirnya namanya juga shower gel jadi kita juga ga bisa berharap banyak soal moisturizing effectnya kan ^^.

Anyway let's jump into my conclusion of this product:
Anyway, Ayo langsung ke kesimpulan pendapatku mengenai produk ini:

- Very pleasant smell
-  Non greasy
-  Cheap
- wanginya enak banget
- Non greasy
- Murah

- The smell isn't long last
- Not foamy (I love foamy shower gel)
- Non moisturizing 
- Wanginya ga tahan lama
- Non foamy
- Non moisturizing
And I think I'll try another varian too next time.


I really love this product and if only the smell would be more long lasting I'll give it 10/10.
Aku suka banget sama produk ini dan kalo aja wanginya lebih tahan lama pasti aku kasih rate 10/10.  
How about you all?
What your recent favorite shower gel?
Kalo kalian semua?
Apa shower gel favorit kalian sekarang?


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