Sunday, May 29, 2016

Back to school make up tutorial (for middle school and high school student)

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I back with my beauty entry (update every sunday) and today I'll make Back to school make up tutorial for middle school student (smp & sma).I've been watch some video and read some blog tutorial for back to school make up but I don't think if it's suitable for indonesian student.
Even when I watch tutorial from some indonesian beauty blogger for back to school make up, I still feel if it's kind of not suitable for indonesian student.
At indonesia, middle school and high school student didn't allowed to use visible make up at school.
Not only make up but even hair colouring is not allowed at school.

So today I'll make tutorial that at least more acceptable at school :).

All you need for this tutorial is:

1. BB cream (cushion bb cream is also good)
BB cream has spf in it and for school student that may lazy to put sunblock it will be good enough.

2. Face Powder
For this look actually I use baby powder but you can use any powder that you have at home.

3. Eyebrow brush

4. Tinted lipbalm/liptint

And let's start the tutorial

1. Prepare your face with daily basic skincare (moisturizer, sunblock)

2. Put a lil bit of bb cream and spread it with finger

3. Face powder to give you matte effect

4. Brush your eyebrow (and no, you didn't need to draw your eyebrow for school make up. it will be too much for school if you draw your eyebrow).

5. Tinted lipbalm so you won't have dry lips ^^

6. Result

Easy and very fast to do right?
It won't take more than 10 minutes to do this every morning :).
I really hope if this tutorial could be useful for any middle school and highschool student that want to look good but not by breaking school rules.

See you again next sunday with another post that 
I hope will be more interesting than this ^^.
Happy Sunday...

I was looking for my old highschool uniform but can‘t find it (it‘s been 11 years since my highschool graduation :p).
So i just grab my white shirt and wear it (pretend like I wear school uniform...hehe...)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm back and I'm Alive

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Hello everyone :).


I think it's been almost a year I've been abandon my blog (>_<).
Last year were great, there was a little bit problem in here and there but it was quite a good year for me.
But 2016 is really hard, I've been getting through of many things this year.
So many sad, hurt and painful things happen to me earlier this year :(.
Anyway everything is ok now and I'm happy that I can writing here again...hehe...

I've been looking to my draft and find some post that I wrote last year but not publish it yet.
I'll start editing my post in draft and will publish it soon.

This year I hope can find new friend through blogging also I want to keep sharing things that I love here (make up, skin care, food, holiday).

Btw, did any of you had instagram or snapchat?
I would like to follow back your instagram or snapchat if you're following mine.
My IG : keiagasshi
My Snapchat : sparklingbyul
Just tell me if you find my IG and snapchat from my blog so I'll follow yours back ^^.

Last, I'll post some vain pictures of me...kkkk...
It was taken last sunday after church because I felt that my make up quite good :p.


See you soon in my next blog post <3

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