I'm back and I'm Alive

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Hello everyone :).


I think it's been almost a year I've been abandon my blog (>_<).
Last year were great, there was a little bit problem in here and there but it was quite a good year for me.
But 2016 is really hard, I've been getting through of many things this year.
So many sad, hurt and painful things happen to me earlier this year :(.
Anyway everything is ok now and I'm happy that I can writing here again...hehe...

I've been looking to my draft and find some post that I wrote last year but not publish it yet.
I'll start editing my post in draft and will publish it soon.

This year I hope can find new friend through blogging also I want to keep sharing things that I love here (make up, skin care, food, holiday).

Btw, did any of you had instagram or snapchat?
I would like to follow back your instagram or snapchat if you're following mine.
My IG : keiagasshi
My Snapchat : sparklingbyul
Just tell me if you find my IG and snapchat from my blog so I'll follow yours back ^^.

Last, I'll post some vain pictures of me...kkkk...
It was taken last sunday after church because I felt that my make up quite good :p.


See you soon in my next blog post <3


  1. Glad you're back Kei! Thanks for stopping by in my blog and leaving a very nice point of view of yours. You have a cute blog by the way :)

    Let's be friends!

  2. hello,
    amaizing post and blog my blogger friends...
    ı am following you on gfc...
    if you want follow me back , please visit my blog

  3. hi, nice post! This is very applicable for school students, not too much but still look fresh :)

    XOXO, The Rainbow Days

  4. yeah, we got same hard way in 2016 >,< we need to Work ass off and turn the situation around.... and dont forget to update blog <3

  5. I`m following ur blog with a great pleasure!

    Please join me - http://sunnyeri.blogspot.com