Tips: Blotting Lipstick

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Hello everyone...
Wew...time flies so fast and it's sunday again today :).
Halo semuanya....
wew...waktu berlalu sangat cepat dan ini hari minggu lagi :)

Today I want to share a tips on how I blot my lipstick.
As we all know blotting lipstick could make your lipstick last longer in your lips.
Hari ini aku mau share tips cara aku blot lipstick.
Seperti yang kita tahu blotting lipstick bisa bikin lipstick lebih tahan lama di bibir.

Okay, lets we see what we need to blotting lipstick:
Okay, mari kita lihat apa yang kita butuhkan untuk blotting lipstick.

1. Powder : I use my ZA powder
2. Lipstick : I use my NYX black label lipstick on raisin (that matte lipstick should be on my review post but I dont know why I put it away in that pic..hahaha...)
3. Lipbalm : I use my Bodyshop lipbalm
4. Tissue.

And this is step by step on my way to blot my lipstick:
Dan ini step by step caraku blot lipstick:

1. Lipbalm
I put a lipbalm in my lips and blot it at tissue.
1. Lipbalm
Pakai lipbalm lalu blot di atas tissue.

2. Lipstick
I applied lipstick on my lips straight from the tube (you also can use brush toapply your lipstick for more precise application).
2. Lipstick
Aku pakai lipstik langsung dari tubenya (kalian bisa pakai brush kalo mau lebih precise).

3. Blot with tissue and put a powder
3. Blot pakai tissue dan sapukan powder di atas tissue. 

4. Tada....this is the result.
4. Tada...Ini hasilnya.

If you want, you can layer it with a coat of lipstick again and your lipstick will be much more last longer :).
Kalau kamu mau, kamu bisa layer lagi pakai lipstick dan lipstick mu bakalan lebih awet.

And this is how it's look in my face :D.
Dan ini hasilnya di wajahku :D.

One of the reason why I love red lipstick is it makes my face looks brighter.
I use no make up at all at that picture, no powder, no eyebrow, nothing than a lipstick.
but I think I still look pretty good xp.
Salah satu alasan kenapa aku suka lipstick merah adalah karena lipstick merah ngebuat mukaku kelihatan lebih cerah.
Aku sama sekali ga pakai make up untuk foto di atas, tapi masih keliatan lumayan kan xp.

So, okay this is tips for the day.
If you all have any other way to blot your lipstick let me know about it.
sharing is caring ma...
So, okay ini tips untuk hari ini.
Kalo kalian punya cara lain untuk blot lipstick kasih tau ya.
sharing is caring...
Have a wonderful day lovely.



  1. thanks for the tipssss :D
    lipstik merah cocok banget buat yang kulitnya flawless ya, ga kaya kulitku :'(

    1. sama-sama.
      aku kulitnya juga ga flawless :(.
      lipstick merah sih modalnya cuma pede aja..hehe..

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  7. Great tutorial! That lipstick color looks great on you :)
    Celestial Star

  8. Red lipstick suits you, dear! I wish I was brave enough to wear red lipstick~~

    ieyra | babysoulz

    1. Thanks ^^.
      you should try it.
      I was a lil bit afraid at first but then I love it now :).


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    Great tip!

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  14. So helpful, blotting your lips is always a good thing to do. Less is more ;) great post.

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