Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tutorial: Neutral Make Up Look

Posted by Keiagasshi at 10:45 PM
Hello Friends...
Happy Sunday for everyone :).

Today I will post a Tutorial :Neutral Make Up Look.

Actually my skin is in a very bad condition now.
 I got major breakout because I use product that not suitable for me.
But anyway, bear it with me to finish this tutorial video.

 I Apologize that the audio doesn't good, I can't really hear my voice either.
This is my first time making a tutorial video and I was very shy (>.<)

To be honest blogging is a lot more easy than making video.
I rarely edit my picture so usually I didn't need a long time in term for editing.
But making video needs a lot of editing (T_T).

My reason to make video for tutorial is I think you all can see it better how I did my make up by video than picture.

For my wednesday review, I will still writing here normally and post picture.

Last, This is my Neutral Make Up Look Tutorial.
If you have youtube channel we can subscribe each other too :).

Have a nice day.




  1. I love the glowy look! I also once attempted to make a video but it was too challenging for me. I'd rather stick to blogging. :D But kudos to you for being able to film a tutorial!

    1. I think blogging is less time consuming than making video :).

  2. so pretty. Love the eye makeup. looks natural for daily makeup ^^

  3. so cute!

  4. So...beautiful, love natural make up look.



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