Chit chat: Long Distance Relationship and Social Media part I

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Hello everyone,
It's been awhile since the last time I wrote here.
Today I'm going to talk about Long distance relationship and social media.

Nowadays having long distance relationship is already a common things.
And social media is having important role in it.

I know, I know....this blog should be a beauty blog.
But I find this topic is interesting and I want to share my thought about this with you guys.

From my experience, having long distance relationship is hard.
Oh ok mistake.
Long distance relationship isn't just hard but it is very very hard 😫😫.
I've been in LDR and still walking through it for now so I know how hard it is.

And to sum all my though about LDR, I make a video of it 😄.

So that's all for today and I will post new blogpost this weekend :).

Hope you all have a nice day.




  1. Aku juga LDR an sih 4 tahun syukur bisa nglewatin smua itu :) ga mau LDR2n lagi.

  2. I can imagine having a long distance relationship is hard that's for sure, but not impossible :)

    Laura xo

  3. stay strong :) I'm sure things will work out for the best in the end.
    thanks for sharing :)

  4. Yes! Long distance relationship is challenging. I am lucky my boyfriend is back home now and I hope it is for good. I missed him terribly when he was away and I sometimes felt like I was alone. :( But yeah, thanks to Facebook and Skype we were able to get through 16 months of being apart. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. LDR is really hard.
      I'm happy to hear that you and your BF is close the distance :)

  5. Udah setahun LDR-an, malah itu si pacar susah banget dapet izin gak masuk kerja :( berhubung aku masih kuliah akhirnya aku deh yang banyak nyamperin dia XD