Skincare Routine

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since last time I wrote here.
Kind of busy with personal matter lately.
Was got some problem at office too so I don't have any feeling to write.
Udah agak lama ga nulis di sini.
Sibuk banget akhir-akhir ini.
Beberapa waktu yang lalu ada masalah di kantor jadi ga semangat buat nulis di sini.

Anyway, I'm OK now.
Just home from my short trip at Bali (will blog about it later #ifImnotlazy) and now I will share about my skincare routine that I was applied recently.
Usually my skin will have some problem when I am in vacation (dunno why).
It's either break out or my skin will become really dull when I'm home.
Anyway, aku OK sekarang.
Baru pulang dari Bali (bakal di update di sini nanti #klogamalas) dan sekarang aku mau share skincare routine ku.
Biasanya kulitku bakalan ada problem kalo aku lagi liburan (ga tau kenapa).
Kalo ga break out pasti nantinya bakalan kusan pas aku pulang.

But my recent skincare routine maintain my skin on good condition even when I got sun exposure a lot.
Tapi skincare routine ku yang sekarang bikin kulitku tetap ada di kondisi yang baik walaupun aku kejemur di terik matahari.

It's not a high end brand or expensive product, but these product does good job on my skin.
Aku ga pake high brand atau produk yang mahal, tapi produk yang aku pakai berkesan di kulitku.


1. Clean n Clear facial wash

Credit: Google

My fave facial foam!
I tried a lot of brand for facial wash but always back to this.
Facial foam favorit ku!
Aku udah nyoba banyak brand tapi selalu balik lagi ke ini.

It's very light yet still can clean up my face.
Ini ringan tapi tetap bisa bersihin kulitku dengan baik.

2. Viva Green tea Face Tonic

credit: Google

This tones is really awesome! (I promise will make a full review of this product soon).
Very cheap but help to improved my skin a lot.
I always repurchased it when I see it in supermarket rack.
Aku ga translate kalimat di atas tapi aku mau bilang kalo toner ini bagus nbanget!
Murah tapi banyak ngebantu kulitku buat jadi lebih baik.

3. Revlon New Complexion Hydrating Cream

This is my favorite moisturizer!!!
First time tried this cream I was think it will be heavy and greasy.
But then I find out if this cream is light yet still keep my skin hydrated.
Moizturizer favoritku!!!
Pertama kali nyoba aku kira bakalan berat dan berminyak.
Tapi ternyata ringan tapi tetap bikin kulitku hydrated.

4. Biore Aqua Rich sunblock SPF 50

credit: Google

Water based sunblock that protect my skin without leaving an oily feeling.
Sunblock berbahan dasar air yang melindungi kulitku tanpa terasa berminyak.

5. Revlon CC cream (occasionally)

I rarely use foundation nowadays.
I want to let my skin breathe and try to not wearing heavy make up often.
So if I want a lil bit coverage then I'll use this cc cream.
Aku sekarang jarang pakai foundation.
Aku mau kulitku bernafas dan  mencoba buat ga pakai make up berat terlalu sering.
Jadi kalo aku pengen sedikit coverage, aku pakai cc cream ini

6. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balm


Step 1 - 3 are same with AM routine.
Step 1 - 3 sama dengan AM routine.

4. Biokos Botu Like Anti Wrinkle Over Night Treatment

I am 27 y.o this year so I need to start using anti aging cream..haha..
I can't stop my self from aging but at least I could slow down the aging process by using anti aging cream :).
Aku tahun ini udah 27 tahun jadi aku perlu untuk mulai pakai anti aging cream..haha..
Aku ga bisa menghentikan proses aging tapi paling ga aku bisa memperlambat prosesnya :).

5. TBS Born Lippie Lip balm.

My daily skincare routine is very simple as I didn't use a lot of product.
Some product that I mention is local brand so you might be never heard the brand before.
But all product that I mention here is really work for my skin (^_^)b.
Skincare routine ku sangat simple karena aku ga pakai banyak produk.
Beberapa produk yang aku pake adalah local brand.
Tapi semua produk yang aku pakai sangat berkesan buat kulitku (^_^)b.

Anyway, how about you?
What product that you use for your recent skincare routine?
Anyway, kalo kamu?
Apa produk yang kamu paki buat skincare routine mu sekarang?





  1. Aww I miss your posts dear! Glad to have you back! I hope everything will go well and get better in your office :)
    You have an amazing skin care routine! SOmetimes I'm so lazy I forget to wash my face hahahha but it's just me hehee
    It's really important to take good care of the skin especially our face.

    love lots,

    1. Hehe, thanks to stop by here.
      I think that good skin will enhance our beauty :)

  2. Such a great review of products, Lately I am loving the body shop face wash range especially the Tea Tree range. Such a great blog :D

    1. I heard a lot of good review about tbs tea tree range product but never tried it by my self.
      Thanks for comment here ^^.

  3. wah samaan, aku juga suka pake clean n clear yg itu, :). btw about author nya di kasih foto dong, siapa tau ketemu di jalan bisa nyapa hihihi
    my blog

    how to make diy ombre hair :)

    1. Clean n clear emg Bagus, murah tp Bagus.
      Eh, itu yang di blog kan semua foto aku.
      Klo ketemu di jalan jgn lupa say hi ya...

  4. Glad to see you back in blogging! ^_^ I just recently added Argan Oil into my skincare routine. Heard so many good things about this oil, can't wait to see if there's any changes in my skin condition! :)

    - ieyra | babysoulz

    1. Oh...I heard a lot of good review about argan oil too.
      But still hesitate to put oil in my skin (>.<).

  5. Aww this is lovely skincare routine, i love clean n clear facial wash, been using them for quite a while now. Anyway, do you want to follow each other? Follow me and leave me a comment on my blog so that i can follow you back <3

  6. Lovely routine! I use clean n clear too <3
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  7. Lovely routine! I use clean n clear too <3
    Anyway dear, im inviting you to join my giveaway here >> BLOG GIVEAWAY <<

    1. Ah.....
      I missed your giveaway (T.T).
      Perhaps next time can join it.

  8. Hallo, Kei^^
    Revlon New Complexion Hydrating Cream itu cocok dikamu ya. Kulit wajahku juga berminyak. Walau berinyak, aku meras kulit ini lebih kearah dehidrasi. Ini kamu beli dimana Kei?

  9. Ntah kenapa aku suka liatin skincare routine nya orang2 hahaha thanks for sharing!

    1. Sama!
      Aku juga Suka liat skincare routine nya org2.
      Wondering how they can have flawless skin...hehe