Review: BioAqua Snow BB Cream Air Cushion

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Hello Friends,

Today I'm going to reviewing a cheap BB Cushion from BioAqua.
To be honest, actually this is my first time wearing BB Cushion.
I've been swatch some drugstore BB Cushion in my hand before but never really applied it on my face.

Funny story happen between me and BB Cushion last year.
So actually my favorite BB cream is Missha perfect cover and I already repurchase many times.
I did try Etude House BB cream, Skin Food BB cream, and any other BB cream BUT I always back to my Missha perfect cover BB cream.
Last year, I was visited Missha counter and saw their BB Cushion.
BB Cushion was a hype and everyone rave about this.
You know what Missha SA told me when I hold their BB Cushion?
She said "miss, dont buy that one. RUGI. with same price you got more product if you buy a BB cream".
I never been met such a honest SA before.
Usually whenever I'm at cosmetic counter, their SA working hard to sell me all the products.

Back to the review, you can see the swatch on my hand and my face in video below:

For overall review:

- Cheap
- Sponge quality is good
- Have mirror 

- Only have 3 shades 
- No coverage
- Not buildable

Will I buy it again




  1. Hi! Great post!
    I just discovered your blog and I keep following it, would you follow me back?

    Have a nice day!

  2. You are not the only one, I have never tried bb cushion either haha! Sucks that this bb cushion had no coverage nor was buildable, that's a shame.

    1. yes, too bad this one have very sheer coverage.

  3. wonderful review dear, thanks for sharing, xo

  4. sampe skrg aku belom pernah coba cushion lho..tapi kapan2 pingin ah ^^ otw ke youtubee~

    1. ayo cobain, byk yg bilang bagus.
      tapi jangan yang merk ini ya..hehe..

  5. that's too bad! hahaha! for cushions I've tried lots of different ones but my fave is the Clio Kill Cover range since its the only one with decent coverage and matches with my acidic combination skin without oxidizing.

    thanks for sharing :)

  6. Great post dear!

  7. I never interested with cushion because the color range never fit on my skin and also not good coverage by this far. Nice review anyway ^ ^

  8. Well, I always think if the blogger would buy it again... and you said yes... then I can as well, good recommendation! Hope you have a nice day!