Review: Mukka Cosmetic Eyeshadow + Blush On Palette (02)

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Hello Friends,
So sorry last week I'm not writing at all :(.
I don't know, but sometimes I feel like blogging is being more and more unrelated.
Also that blog community now is quite different with blog community few years ago.

Back then there was so many unique bloggers.
Nowadays, the way people write seems like they start to losing their originality.
Like almost all have quite same style of writing (especially beauty blogger).
I dont know, maybe it's on trend or maybe because there was one person writing in that style and then her/his blog booming so people follow her style.
Just feel almost the same...
Well, no offence guys. I'm just saying my two cent on this.

But anyway, we are not going to talk about this today.
Today I'm going to reviewing eyeshadow n blusher palette from brand Mukka.

Yes guys, I know.
Many of you will questioning about this brand.
To be honest, I also discover this brand only recently when I was accidentally find this palette at Transmart.
I'm not buy this palette at Transmart!
I was hesitated to bought the palette since I never heard of this brand at all.
I mean, biar kata cheapskate juga kan aku takut kalo pake produk abal-abal.

So I googled this brand and there's some review about this brand.
I decided to give it a try after I know the are listed at BPOM (if there's any mistake, please anyone correct me).

This palette have 2 pan of blush on and 6 pan of shimerry eyeshadow.
And I was really surprised on how good this product is.
Every review that I read said if this eyeshadow have a major fall out but when I try it, nope.
Yes, it has fall out.
But there's nothing major.

For the swatch you can see at my video below:

I'm so sorry that I only able to do live swatch and there's no brush swatches :(.

Anyway, so this is my final though about this palette:

- Cheap (only Rp 19K)
- Pigmented
- Blended so well

- Packaging is easy to break


Will I buy again:


  1. aku maju mundur mau beli palettenya, takut terlalu shimmer >.< banyak yg udah bahas brand ini jadi penasaran apalagi harganya murah2..

    iya mba, beauty blogger skrg sama yg tahun 2013an bedaa, dulu pada rajin saling mampir ke blog walaupun ga follow huhu

    1. ayo beli, shimmer nya ga dangdut kok ini..hehe..

  2. I am so sad that this is happening to the industry too. There are days when I lose motivation/purpose to blog since the industry has become so shallow/impersonal unlike how it was years ago. Please stick around <3 you are appreciated

    1. yes, blogging nowaday isn't as exciting as it used too.
      Thanks for read ate angel :)

  3. Never heard of this brand but seems like an awesome palette for the price!


    1. it is.
      but I really not sure if anyone can find this in other country :(

  4. OMG! Murce abis inih.. Aku belom pernah coba sih, karena ga nemu.. Mungkin harus ke transmart yahh

    1. waktu itu aku liat ada di transmar,trus ada juga yang bilang ada counternya di boston.
      beli online aja kalo ga nemu..hehe..

  5. Awal ngeliat ini harganya nggak nyangka loh bisa semurah itu hahaha bisa ngalahin produk Viva harganya, murce paraaah. :D
    Boleh deh mau nyoba cakep-cakep warnanya.

  6. Nice review, sangat membantu sis :)

  7. I have been on a blogging break too, as I agree that it's not so motivating as it used to be! But, I'm not quite ready to give up either!
    Thanks for sharing your honest review! I don't know this brand at all, but it looks like good value for money,
    Julia x
    PS I hope you get your motivation back too xo